Buckner-Sensei’s Saturday Class in Review – February 2014

Today’s class was fast-paced and exciting!

Buckner-Sensei covered the omote (front side) attack techniques known as irimi.

Irimi means “entering/putting in the body”, and is the act of entering straight into a technique (as opposed to an indirect entrance, know as tenkan.) When properly performed, irimi allows the defender to enter into and blend with an attack, uniting the movement of the attacker and defender, and leaving the opponent without a target to strike.

So, in what situation does one use irimi techniques?

When faced with multiple opponents. By keeping the techniques omote, one never exposes their back to a potential attacker, and also throws the first attacker into the path of the second – a two-fold defense!


Buckner-Sensei’s next class will be Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at 9:30 AM.


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